Q: How do I sort my items for drop-off?

A: Sort them by size and gender.  For example. place all 2T Girls items together and bundle them together with a rubberband, place all 6 month boys items together and bundle them together with a rubberband.

Q: Is it Mandatory That Each Consignor Go To Check The Recall List Before Each Sale?

A. Yes.  Recalled items will not be accepted!


Q. Do you carry only children’s clothing?

A. No. At our events we carry children’s furniture, home decor items, nursing accessories, and infant equipment (such as strollers, swings and high chairs.) We also carry high quality toys, children’s books, video games and sports accessories.


Q. Why do you emphasize EXCELLENT QUALITY so much?

A. No one wants to sort through, much less BUY, low quality items for their children. It is a time waster for everyone to put worn, stained, out-of-date items on a rack. That’s why we insist on accepting only high quality items.


Q. Can I bring children to the Pre-Sale Party?

A. No. Just bring a tape measure and their measurements and enjoy a mom’s night without the kids.


Q. How should I price my items?

A. We suggest you set the price at 35-60% of the retail value. Baby Equipment, Furniture and Large Indoor/Outdoor Toys usually sell for more and are in high demand. We will have an abundance of clothes, so they must be priced competitively in order to sell.


Q. How do I secure small pieces with Toys or Equipment?

A. Place them in a zip-lock bag and then seal the zip-lock with clear packing tape. This is important! We cannot be responsible for lost toy pieces so please make sure and secure them firmly.


Q. How do I carry my clothes while I am shopping?

A. We suggest you bring a laundry basket with a belt attached to it so you can easily pull the basket.


Q. Should I iron my clothes?

A. Wrinkled clothes do not sell! We will likely send them home to you if they are extremely wrinkled. Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice. Remember, the better they look, the more likely they are to sell!


Q. How do I become a consignor?

A. Register to become a consignor on this site (you can click HERE to register now), or call us at 256-399-9109 and register over the phone. You can also join our mailing list to learn about upcoming sales. Just enter your information by clicking here.


Q. Will you take all my items?

A. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. It is often easy to miss a spot or a tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise. Many of our consignors are also our biggest shoppers and we want you to have confidence that you are buying the best at the sale. We also check to make sure items brought to the sale are for the appropriate season. Please see the Items Accepted page for further information.


Q. How do I attend the Consignor’s Pre-Sale Party?

A. If you have registered to consign clothing in the sale, you will be issued a Pre-Sale Party Pass that will allow you to shop in the Consignor’s Pre-Sale Party. This pass will be issued to you when you come to drop-off your items.  We will issue one guest pass to shop early.


Q. How do I make my tags?

A. See our Tagging Instructions page for all the details on how to prepare your tags.


Q. How can I shop BEFORE the public?

A. Every consignor is given the opportunity to shop before the public by attending the Consignor Pre-Sale Party. If you want to be absolutely one of the first to shop the sale, then you need to volunteer and sign up as a sale worker. Sale Workers are given the opportunity to shop during the Worker Pre-Sale Party, which begins 1 hour before the Consignor Pre-Sale Party. Only registered consignors who have consigned with Five Little Bees before may sign up as workers.


Q. How can I pay for items I buy at the sale?

A. We will accept check, cash, Discover, Visa, Mastercard credit and debit cards.


Q. Why should I shop at Five Little Bees Consignment Sale?

A. You’ll save a lot of money and there are a lot of items under one roof. No need to go from yard sale to yard sale, haggling, and rummaging through boxes. You’ll find everything categorized and nicely displayed for easy shopping. We aim to present you with quality items and quality customer service.


Q. What does the $5.00 Consignment fee cover?

A. The fee goes toward covering some of the costs related to building rental, advertising, insurance, etc.


Q. Isn’t it a lot of work to prepare items?

A. Cleaning and tagging does take time, that’s why we encourage consignors to start early. Do a little everyday. The better the presentation of the item, the better it will sell. You may also want to take some time to research and determine the right selling price. Your items will sell if it looks great and is priced right.


Q. What happens to my items that don’t sell?

A. After the sales event, you pick up your unsold items during the specified pick-up times. Any left over items becomes property of Five Little Bees Consignment Sale. We donate them to local charities that help families and children.


Q. May I consign maternity clothing?

A. No. We accepted maternity items previously. However, beginning with the Spring 2014 sale, we will no longer accept maternity clothing.


Q. Will I get my hangers back?

A. All clothing needs to be on hangers. You must use wire hangers. We will not remove
items from the hangers at check out, so they will not be returned to you.


Q. Why do I need to use wire hangers?

A. Wire hangers take up less space on the clothing rack and are less likely to break. You may purchase wire hangers from Five Little Bees (while supplies last). Just send us an email.