Tagging Information


Items Needed:

  • Card stock (white or light colored)
  • Pen
  • Safety pins (1 inch or larger found at Dollar General or Walmart)
  • Ziploc bags of various sizes
  • Wire  Hangers
  • Masking tape (for game boxes, books, videos so tape does not rip them)


Writing tags:

Use blue or black ink for tag information if you want it to sell at a discount.  Use RED ink for the tag if you do not want them to sell discounted on the 1/2 off day.

  • Print the Tag Template on cardstock only.
  • Your seller number will be printed on the template. (You must contact us to get a number)
  • Please include the clothing size in the space provided.  Children’s clothing needs to be in numbered sizes (i.e. 3 mo, 4T).  All Maternity items can be sized using S, M, L, and XL.
  • Write a detailed description of the item in the middle of the card.  This will help us match your card to the item if it becomes detached during our sale.
  • Write a “D” for donate in the lower left corner if you want your unsold items to be donated to a charity after the sale.



  • All hanging garments must have a minimum price of $2.00.
  • Hang garments with the hanger facing left – like a question mark (?). Attach all tags with a safety pin to the upper right front of the garment as you are facing it.
  • Replace any missing buttons, zip all zippers, sew loose hems, snap snaps, tie all bows and make sure that all garments are presented at their best.
  • Remove all stains and launder garments. An iron and a little starch can work wonders to make an item look like brand new. See our special Stain Removal Tips.
  • All clothing items must be hung on wire hangers.  (contact us if you need hangers, we have a limited supply available for your convenience or you can get them for the cleaners)
  • Sets tend to sell better. Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first on the hanger as outlined above. Turn around and pin the second item “back to back” – making sure to catch the hanger with the safety pin.
  • If an item is not secure on the hanger, safety pin it to the hanger. Items do not sell if they have fallen under the racks or if they lose their tag.
  • Small accessories that go with an outfit, such as tights, belts, and hair bows, can be placed in a zip-lock bag and pinned to the back of the hanger. Make sure the tag description includes the accessory items and that your Consignor number has been placed in or taped to the accessory bag.


  • Attach tag to toy with clear packing tape or place small toys in a zip-lock bag and attach tag to the outside of the bag.
  • Games and puzzles must have all pieces and boxes must be taped closed with clear packing tape.
  • Books can be grouped together or sold separately. Place grouped books in a zip-lock bag and attach tag to outside of the bag with a strip of clear packing tape across the top and bottom of the tag. Make sure tag description references the number of books included.
  • Must be in working order with all pieces and include batteries.



  • Shoes must be in first class condition. We ask for your assistance in maintaining a reputation of selling high quality items. Tennis shoes only accepted if in Mint Condition.
  • Infant and toddler shoes or shoes without laces must be placed in zip-lock bags with tag attached to the outside of the bag. Attach tag securely to the outside of the bag with a strip of clear packing tape along the top of the tag.
  • Tie shoes in pairs by shoelaces or curly ribbon. Attach tag with a safety pin run through the shoelace eyes.



  • Place in a clear bedding bag, preferably the original packaging. If this in not available, we recommend the new XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags. Attach tag using clear packing tape to the outside of bag.



  • IMPORTANT: Write your Consignor number on a small piece of masking tape and tape to the inside label of your clothing items or to a flat surface of every other item. For small items placed inside zip-lock bags, tape a piece of masking tape with consignor number to the inside of the bag. This is one additional way for us to identify who an item belongs to in the event a tag is misplaced or lost or items are removed from bags.
  • Use safety pins – one inch or larger. No straight pins or tiny gold safety pins.
  • All Safety Pins must be attached horizontally at the top of the tag.
  • If a tag is attached with clear packing tape, use one strip of packing tape and attach it along the top and bottom of the tag. Although tags must be secure, cashiers need to remove tag at checkout without damaging the item.
  • For items packaged in zip-lock bags, seal the bag with tape to ensure that the contents of the bag are not removed or spilled out.
  • Please price items in dollar or fifty cent increments.
  • All hanging items and must have a minimum price of $2.00.